About Alaine

Gaudi in Barcelona

I was pretty much destined to be a Global Nomad. I've been traveling since I was in my mother's womb. I grew up straddling different cultures and living in different cities. A third culture kid that doesn't know how to respond to "Where are you from?" when asked by well-meaning strangers trying to figure out my accent, ethnicity, cultural background. I'm pretty much ambiguous. Neither here nor there. My favorite city in the world is New York City. Its just a wonderful melting pot of all kinds of people, constant energy, edgy, hip, preppy, etc. It is also the place I feel the most at home. I have lived in Jakarta, Singapore, Los Angeles, New York, Swiss Alps, Brussels but have also spent a significant time living in Sydney, Lake Arrowhead, Toronto, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Orange County, Edinburgh, London. I've worked in Dance, Education, Hospitality, Events, and Film/TV industries. 
I have a lot of stories. 

This Travel blog is a way to inspire others to live a life as global citizens and colorful individuals. (I also needed a way to record my memories, stories, tips)

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