Monday, July 25, 2016

6 Tips: How to avoid getting sick while traveling

Getting sick sucks. Somehow, I've been lucky and don't get sick often while on the road. Some tips I have are common sense but we often forget while we're busy jet setting and traveling. But of course, if I neglect all of these rules, I get sick and it really sucks especially when you want to be out and about.

Montreaux, Switzerland. May 2016.

1) Drink bottled water or boil the water.
Even if the water from the tap is safe to drink. It mostly means that local residents are able to drink the water. Visitors might not be used to compounds in the water and should take precautions to avoid getting ill from drinking the tap water. My personal tip: start with bottled water. Slowly introduce tap water (that is already mandated as safe to drink) with a few sips here and there and if you feel fine, try drinking a glass and see how you feel a few hours later.

2) Stay hydrated. 
I'm guilty of neglecting this rule and end up dehydrated in places where the air is particularly dry. The best way to avoid this is to bring a bottle of water with you when you leave your accommodation or purchase a bottle of water as soon as you leave for the day.

3) Get active.
I always try to walk a lot when I'm traveling because that is the best way to see a new place. A pair of good walking shoes is a packing essential. Some of my best memories is wandering the streets of Amsterdam, Berlin, Bali, Barcelona, Chiang Mai, Copenhagen, London, Vienna, Prague, Stockholm, and Zurich. This is also a surefire way to get your exercise in while exploring and save on transportation costs. If your accommodation has a gym or extra empty space, I also like to get at least a couple gym hours in for extra sweat sessions if I'm traveling for a certain period of time. Alternatively, you can also sign up for yoga classes, dance classes, rent a bike, go skiing, hiking, etc.

4) Take a multivitamin.
I always pack a multivitamin in my medicine kit when traveling. I particularly like the seltzer tablets that you dissolve in water and drink because its extra hydration and vitamins. This is really good to drink prior to taking a long-haul flight for an immunity boost.

5) A rest day. 
As much as we like to keep ourselves out and about while traveling, your body can get exhausted and it is wise to allocate a day of rest. A day at the pool, beach, people watching at a cafe, leisurely lunch/dinner, reading a book at a library, schedule a massage at the spa, etc. If you have been traveling for business, this is a great way to see the city outside of the conference room but not tire yourself out. If you are traveling for leisure but packed a lot of sightseeing in, slow down and remember that YOU'RE ON VACATION! I always feel great after a rest day because I get enough sleep, recharge my energy levels, and don't feel so stressed. Its ok that you don't see everything. If a location has a lot to see, vow to return another trip and don't stress about it.

6) Bring your own medicine kit. 
Replenish and stock it with the essentials: Cold/Flu medicine, Antacid, Ibuprofen, Imodium, Bandages, and whatever else you need. You know the kinds of medicine that works for you. When you travel to a new country, you may not know if they stock your medicine or that country may have different regulations on the strength or dosage. And then if there's a language barrier, if you are sick and stressed, you may not have the clarity to be able to describe how you're feeling in another language.

Fresh Watermelon juice. Singapore, July 2016. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beautiful faces: Best Travel-Ready Beauty products

Have you checked out Beautiful Faces blog yet?

Beautiful faces: Best Travel-Ready Beauty products

Hoarding sample sizes, best products for travel, and what not to pack

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the Journey T-Shirts and more

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The photo is taken by me on a daily hike when I was living in the Swiss Alps.

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Foodporn from around the world

I like creating Foodporn but I also like looking at what other people post too!

Best of all: it's calorie-free and so indulgent!

IG @odevour_me posted a picture of Ribs and Coleslaw that looks so mouth-watering! Singapore

IG @emelyntjy is enjoying dimsum in Hong Kong. Dimsum is a MUST in Hong Kong. 

IG @standuplawyer has a typical Swedish breakfast of lox and knäckebröd while visiting family in Stockholm. 

IG @widyay has some Japanese comfort food of chicken karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) and rice with salad in Japan. 

IG @anna_alleshiba is having amazing padthai noodles in Pattaya, Thailand. Looks so good!

IG @nunjourney had rijstaffel in Amsterdam. An ode to the Dutch colonial past with Indonesia resulted in a lot of Indonesian restaurants and establishments in Amsterdam. 

IG @veritablyzontee enjoys the Apricot Toasted Almond Cronut from the original creators at Dominique Ansel bakery in New York City 

IG @quaintandkawaii indulges in the "best gyoza" in Tokyo. My mouth is salivating. 

IG @oursiciliantable has such mouth watering Foodporn! It's seriously amazing and you can tell it's all cooked from the heart. Sicily.

All of these photos were discovered from Instagram and I have permission from each owner to publish their pictures on this blog. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Foodporn while traveling part two

Foodporn part two...
One of my favorite travel finds is when I discover a local joint near the places I'm staying in. I'm always researching places to eat but sometimes I go by instinct and stop in a place that is filled with locals. 

Grilled beef bun with Vietnamese fried pork spring roll. I was looking for the Asian supermarket in Zurich on an impromptu weekend trip. This Vietnamese restaurant was crowded and next to the store so I stopped in to try it out. This was the best Vietnamese meal I've had in Europe! (I also ordered the strong black Vietnamese drip coffee) Zurich, Switzerland. May 2015.

Roasted chicken with vegetables and foie gras in a brown gravy truffle sauce. I was assigned to cook this dish in my school's fine dining restaurant as part of my practical training duties. What an exhilarating week of prepping, chopping, boiling, marinating, roasting, simmering, searing, slicing, carving, and plating! Bluche, Switzerland. May 2015.

Matzo ball soup from a New York Jewish style deli in Berlin. I hadn't had Matzo ball soup in years! I was extremely excited to discover this existed in Berlin! In a very cool residential enclave in the central part of Berlin. The owners of this place are American expats that were Brooklyners. New York Jewish deli food brings back good memories of hiding it from the cold rain in the winter months and tucking into a bowl of matzoh ball comfort. Berlin, Germany. June 2015. 

Wurst with mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. Very German. You pretty much have to order this when in Germany. The sunset was starting in Dresden and this restaurant had a great view of the bridges and old town so we stopped here to have dinner. Though a small city, Dresden was full of culture and beautiful architecture! Dresden, Germany. June 2015. 

Meat and potatoes. This meal was homecooked and simple yet tasty and nourishing. A little local tiny restaurant where everyone that are there was local and knew each other. Dresden, Germany. June 2015.

Beef stew with Czech dumplings. One of my favorite foods are dumplings and a lot of different cultures does dumplings a different way. I remember the first time I ordered dumplings at a restaurant in Prague, I got so confused when dumplings meant soft pieces of bread-like slices. It's really good by the way.. 😜 Prague, Czech Republic. June 2015. 

Soup dumplings from Din Tai Fung are the best. Soupy, porky, doughy = comfort food. I am always feeling a bit overwhelmed with the myriad of choices of Asian foods and flavors back in Asia. I always seem to order comfort food that I know and my stomach knows how to handle before venturing to try different things. Southeast Asian food is filled with all kinds of spices and flavors that my tastebuds and stomach go psychotic for a while after being away for a while. Singapore, June 2015.

Fika tid! Fika time in Stockholm. Fika is my favorite Swedish pastime I like to partake in and have adopted for my daily life. A coffee break with a little something sweet. This Fika was spent with two friends of mine in the central of Stockholm. Just hanging out chatting and people watching. A great catch up and chill afternoon. Chokladbollar is the perfect Swedish Fika treat paired with coffee. Stockholm, Sweden. July 2015

Kalixlöjröm. That's fish eggs from the Kalix region of Sweden. This was so good! Best fish eggs I've had. Delicate, smooth, salty, and the crispy toast is just the perfect complement. Sometimes amazing food is meant to be remembered. Stockholm, Sweden. July 2015. 

First meal at home in the Swiss mountain village. I prepared a simple meal of marinated sweet and spicy pork belly with noodles and bokchoy. A simple meal shared with a couple friends around the kitchen table. I love these lovely memories and having friends over for small dinners is simple, personal, and honest hospitality that I love. Bluche, Switzerland. August 2015.

Potluck dinner al fresco with my classmates. When working on group projects, we have to meet up and work on the projects together so I invited my group members to come over for dinner. Two of us cooked and the other one brought some drinks. One of the things I miss about being in such a small mountain village community. Bluche, Switzerland. August 2015

Making and selling cookies! Three of us made sweet treats to sell and raise money for our event. Grassroots fundraising is incredibly challenging but very rewarding when we come up with the funds for the event. Reminded me of raising funds for my dance company. Thinking creatively, troubleshooting, pre planning, fundraising, creating momentum, and building community. Bluche, Switzerland. Sept 2015.