Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone!

How was the holiday season this time around for you? It seems like every holiday season is blending in to the ones from the past. (Or am I just getting old and tired of the season?!) I spent Christmas Eve on a train from Brussels to Schipol airport. It was delayed because some crazy idiot decides to feel suicidal and walk on the train tracks (or that person could also be high on drugs) so the train was stalled and delayed for at least 45 minutes. Thank goodness my flight was the next morning. 
Note to self: do not take the train to Schipol on the day of a flight
By the time I got to the airport hotel, I was tired. I like the Citizen M hotels because of their huge beds, free movies, mood lighting, and breakfast! Ok, enough endorsing my personal views for now since I'm interning at a fairly large hotel company but didn't stay at one of our properties (feeling the guilt!). I will try and utilise my employee discount though when I travel to some locations where accommodation is ridiculously expensive. 
I flew on Christmas day to Singapore. Arrived the next day. Then the jet lag ensued... Sigh. There seems to be a problem flying east when it comes to jet lag. 
Where did you spend NYE? I had dinner with family then went to my friends' place and hung out with her and her cute cat. Very different from last year's NYE.
Had a nice little week in Singapore and saw my family and some friends. I am glad to get back to Brussels though to really begin some work. My first couple weeks were not very intense as it was the holiday season and copious meetings, conference, dinners. 

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