Sunday, February 21, 2016

Weekend getaways

Sometimes life really needs that little break. Since moving to Europe in 2015, I've travelled to many places whether for a weekend getaway, day trip, a few days, or a week. It has been exciting to travel to Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Oulu, Prague, Barcelona, Dresden, Innsbruck, Zurich, Geneva, Vevey, Zermatt, and the little random towns. 

Leukerbad Therme, Switzerland May 2015

Sometimes one needs to recharge but doesn't have too much time to take off from work. Weekend getaways are perfect. Day trips, weekend trips, 1/2 day trips.

When I lived in NYC, I would take ski trips up to Vermont using a bus that would pick up at 4 a.m. in Manhattan and then arrive at the mountain by 9 a.m. We'd ski all day then the bus would take us back at around 4 pm followed by Korean bbq or a nice big bowl of Japanese ramen in the city for apres ski. Those were great memories.

Okemo mountain resort, VT

In Singapore, I didn't really take weekends or day trips away. I worked during the weekend so I saved up my vacations to coincide with school holidays and flew further away to recharge. Those jaunts to the UK, Europe, Chiang Mai, Malacca, Bali, Hong Kong, really added up and I had a gold frequent flyer status. The perks of fast track and lounge access alleviated the stress of airports and waiting around for flights.

Chiang Mai, Thailand Dec 2012

Zermatt ski holiday, Switzerland Dec 2013

London, UK July 2013

Copenhagen, Denmark Dec 2013

Berlin for Christmas, Germany Dec 2013

Milano, Italy July 2014

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