Thursday, May 5, 2016

6 of my Favorite Travel Memories

These are some of my favorite travel photos that invoke some fun memories from summer 2013- Jan. 2015

C venues headquarters at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in the summer of 2013. I took my dance production "Habitat" to the festival and we performed everyday for two weeks. It was such an amazing time and many laughs with my dancers in and around Edinburgh. 

After the free Sandeman's walking tour in Barcelona, we were on a quest for churros and a coffee break. With our new friend Sheryl, we wandered through the small winding streets of Barcelona and found a cute cafe to order pastries and coffee. July 2014.

Rocky serene "beach" in the archipelago island of Brännö, just a short ferry ride from Gothenburg. That morning a passenger airplane from Amsterdam was shot down somewhere over Ukraine and on its way to Kuala Lumpur. The flight that was trailing not far from the fated plane was a flight from Copenhagen en route to Singapore. It was a flight I was taking to head back to Singapore a week later. Feeling distraught, I felt I needed the day off to be away from people and surrounded by nature. So I took the ferry out to Brännö Island. I spent that afternoon just meditating and sunbathing. Scandinavia in the summer is gorgeous! July 2014.

Technically not a "travel" photo as I had just returned from my European summer trip. I was invited to a third culture kids picnic at Marina Barrage. I used to love having third culture kids picnics in New York so I went. What an awesome time that was catching up with my friends and watching the beautiful sunset. I had never been to the Marina barrage and it made Singapore look so pretty during sunset. August 2014.

A short fall break trip with my friend to Stockholm. That summer I spent a short whirlwind 24 hours in Stockholm after Gothenburg and it was so awesome that I vowed to return to this beautiful capital city. My friend and I went shopping, ate amazing meals, visited Gamla Stan, Vasa museum, Djurgården, and wandered the streets of central Stockholm and Södermalm. We hung out with my local resident friends and we went to the best places to eat & drink. Oct 2014.

This is what winter looks like above the Arctic circle in Finland. I went to Finland before my postgraduate program started to try and catch the Northern lights. I wasn't very successful at seeing the northern lights. This was the coldest temperature and furthest north I have ever been. -20celsius! My friend had a great idea to visit the "summer cottage" and spend a night there. Sounded like a great idea at the time because we might have been able to catch the Northern lights if it wasn't so cloudy. One of the heaters was broken so the cottage was freezing cold, my friend had trouble starting the fire in the fireplace, but the grilled sausages over the fireplace was nice, so was the sauna, and waking up to a beautiful winter wonderland was truly priceless. Jan 2015.


  1. How beautiful! Live life, go large all the time ;-)
    - A TCK

  2. I certainly think one should always just carve a little life space for themselves. Life is meant to be lived and be meaningful and truthful to oneself. Authentic living. :-)