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24 Hours in Crans Montana

I was recently asked to Guest Blog at One Day Itinerary and write about a place that was a 24 hour Guide to a place. I thought about the smaller cities and towns I've visited that people would not feel rushed to SEE EVERYTHING and not sleep. I'm not that kind of traveler anyway! I do love watching Anthony Bourdain's The Layover when it was airing but the frenetic pace was just tiring for me. Even if I'm traveling for work or leisure, I need some down time to be in the present and look around me as opposed to rushing around. Its better for health and sanity in my opinion.

My decision: Crans Montana

Here's the post on the site: One Day in Crans Montana

I lived in this area for over a year during my postgraduate studies. Its a sleepy place but beautiful and peaceful. The morning, afternoon, and evening views are amazing! I miss seeing the stars at night walking home from the gym or a group meeting. Going to school here was wonderful.

I'm cross posting some highlights from the post below.

Crans Montana is a premier winter destination for skiing and is the perfect place to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban life. Made up of two towns, Crans and Montana have their own distinct character that is so typical of a Swiss Mountain town. Most of the year, these towns are fairly peaceful and calm except for the Caprices festival of electronic music in the spring and the Golf OMEGA tournament in August. During the winter ski season, Crans and Montana is teeming with skiers from all across the globe and businesses are open later than usual.

Top things to do in Crans Montana, Switzerland
Have breakfast at Taillens in Montana
After riding the funicular up to Montana from Sierre, walk to the Taillens café in Montana for a quick breakfast of a pastry and coffee (or tea if you prefer). For a heartier breakfast, they also have a full menu where you can order sandwiches, eggs, pasta, etc.

Rent your skis and head over to the ski station
You can rent your ski equipment (or snowboard equipment) from any of the retailers in Montana or Crans. Plan to leave your shoes at the rental location and take your equipment to either the Crans ski station or Montana ski station. It is probably the most convenient to rent your equipment that is nearest to either of these ski stations.

Ski all morning and then go up to the peak of Plaine Morte
Ski the areas of Cry’d’er, Bella Lui, and across Violettes then take the cable car up to the peak of Plaine Morte just before lunch time. It is highly recommended to go up before the lunch crowd settles in as there is a cozy bistro restaurant with beautiful views but limited seating. 

Ski from the top of Plaine Morte down to ski station
Skiing from the top of Plaine Morte down to any of the ski stations at the bottom of the mountain with stops along the way to take pictures of the beautiful Swiss Alps. By the time you reach the bottom you would have worked up quite an appetite.
Have a burger dinner at either Burger Lounge in Crans or Montana Diner
The perfect après ski dinner meal is a classic burger and fries washed down with beer. Burger Lounge  in Crans is known for their gourmet burgers. They are a favorite among residents and open most of the year. If you plan on dining here, pre-plan and reserve a table because it is usually to full capacity. A good alternative, the new Montana Diner by the lake and their burgers are solid with a beautiful atmosphere and large floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the lake.

Apres ski party at Zerodix
After dinner, walk back up to Crans ski station for the après ski party at Zerodix. The djs would already be turning up the volume and the party atmosphere is happy drunk. The party ends around 9 pm.
Join the crowd to the nearest pub before clubbing the night away
There are a number of bars in Crans that is popular among visitors and residents as well as students. Leo’s bar, Le Pub, Pacha, and Sky club are all popular and the party will keep going until 4 or 5 a.m. depending on the night of the week so make sure to bring your dancing shoes.
Some extra tips for visiting Crans Montana?
If you don’t plan on skiing there are also other activities in Crans and Montana that don’t involve downhill skiing. Some of the sports activities include ice skating, bowling, cross country skiing, curling, dog sledding. Crans Montana also has a wonderful array of luxury retail shops and quirky boutiques. For a quieter night, try a Fondue or Raclette dinner at Petit Paradis the tomato cheese fondue is addictive! After the fondue you will certainly be in a cheese coma so cozy up to a room at the quaint family owned hotel.

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