Friday, November 11, 2016

Where would you go?

I've joined several Travel Blogger groups on Facebook and find myself reading the most inspiring posts from other bloggers as well as following a lot of travelers on Instagram. Much like foodporn, I'm inspired and love hearing other people's stories. I asked my fellow travelers this question:

If you could go back to a place, where would you go and why? 

"The place I would love to go back to is Ubud, Bali. I was just there 2 weeks ago and I just can't shake it off my head. Everywhere I look, there is always a touch of art. It has great ambience, plenty of things to do and everything seems reasonably priced." - Sara F. of Travelosio

Photo Credit: Travelosio
Photo Credit: Travelosio

"Switzerland is heaven on earth. There is never a dearth of wonderful places in Switzerland. Snowcapped mountains, an abundance of greenery, gorgeous lakes, picturesque landscape and much more appropriate to be a travelers paradise. We were based out of Geneva and would plan day trips every weekend which was invigorating and rejuvenating. We have visited a dozen of places and still the country never stops to mesmerize us.  
One can also choose Bern or Zurich as a base. Most of the stunning landscapes are around Interlaken. There are many quaint villages which can be visited. Switzerland is great in terms of transportation and facilities for tourists. One can also plan easy trips to prominent cities of the neighboring countries of Germany, France, Italy and Austria." - Rashmi and Chalukya of  Go Beyond Bounds

Photo Credit: Go Beyond Bounds

"I would like to travel back to Chandratal situated in the Lahaul and Spiti district of Himachal Pradesh in India. It is a place that offers serene beauty and if you are lucky enough you could get the perfect reflections of the brown peaks and the clear sky.. Its simply breathtaking. 

What makes me want to go back there is the feeling it gives me to live the moment to the fullest because while on the route to lake and stay in the nearby camp is so challenging that you never know weather you'll be there for the next moment or not. This trip makes me to love those little moments we have in our life which people generally ignore due to the problems they face. Also I missed the view of the lake at its best the last time I visited so would visit again with a new hope of capturing it this time." - Mohit A. of Jaunting Journeys

Photo Credit: Mohit Arts

"I would return to Kutna Hora, Czechia. Prague is beautiful, isn’t it? But can you imagine some time ago a city nearby seriously competed with Prague in terms of wealth, architecture and importance? Yes, there was such a city – Kutná Hora. It rivalled Prague both economically and culturally, being the favourite residence of several Bohemian kings. It boasts different architectural styles, unique buildings from various historical periods and a long history of wine making. Kutna Hora is 120 kilometres away from Prague, an hour by train or 40 minutes longer by bus, which makes for an easy day trip. Kutná Hora and the neighbouring town of Sedlec are on UNESCO’s World Heritage List. In the 14th-15th centuries trading silver made Kutna Hora one of the richest places in Europe. The single currency of the entire Kingdom of Bohemia, Prague ‘groschen’, was minted here." Anita from The Sane Travel

Photo Credit: The Sane Travel
Photo Credit: The Sane Travel

"Niagara Falls is where my partner first said he loved me and is our fave place in the world. It was the first place we ever "travelled" too so brings back lots of memories of our first trip and that first anxiety you get when exploring the world. This place is so beautiful is settled my nerves and made me fall in love almost instantly!!" - Katie from Creative Travel Guide


  1. A great collection of spots and great to hear about some new places....and moreover thanks for the collab. It was great working with you